Brand New Tradition Scottish Great Highland Bagpipe With Yellow Mounts & Hard Case



Experience the timeless allure of Scottish tradition with our meticulously crafted Great Highland Bagpipe. Imbued with rich history and exquisite craftsmanship, this full-size bagpipe boasts striking ivory yellow mounts complemented by a Scottish Bagpipe Cameron Ancient Tartan cover and matching cord, evoking a sense of regal elegance.

Designed for both performance and durability, it features a synthetic bag and a full set of silver with blue mounts, ensuring impeccable sound quality and visual appeal.

With a smooth and glossy finish outside and polished interior holes, each detail is meticulously attended to, embodying the epitome of quality. This set includes essential accessories such as synthetic and cane drone reed sets, a cane pipe chanter reed,

a padded carrying case for convenient transportation, bagpipe joint hemp for maintenance, and instructional books to aid beginners in mastering this cherished instrument. Revel in the melodic beauty and heritage of the Scottish Highlands with this exceptional bagpipe ensemble.

Full Size Bagpipe 40 x 20
Synthetic Bag 30 X 12
Full set Silver with Blue Mounts Bagpipe
Scottish Bagpipe Cameron  Ancient Tartan Cover and Matching Cord
Color: Black Color.
Finish Outside Smooth and glossy Finish Inside Hole Polish and all Projecting Silver Mounts Sole, Ferrule, Ring Cap.
Free Accessories:
1 Synthetic Drone Reed Set.
1 Cane Drone Reed Set.
1 Cane Pipe Chanter Reed.
1 Padded Carrying Case.
1 Bagpipe Joint Hemp.
1 Bagpipe Tutor Book.
1 Bagpipe Assembly Book.


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